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Still working on the site.

Thursday, June 28th, 2001

Well, it’s Thursday night and I’m here working on the site. Hopefully your life is a tiny bit more exciting than mine. I still don’t have the links section totally up and functioning yet. The goal is to add interesting external links as I find them – hopefully a couple times a week. For right now I have 10 links to Literotica – very original, I know. The newest links are on the left side of the main page, at least for now. Once this finally gets set up it should be pretty easy to update – I hope. Ok, time for me to get back to work. As always, let me know if you find any broken links or whatever.

Added some boxing pics for Oscar De La Hoya!

Monday, June 25th, 2001

Well, I dug out some porn star boxing pictures that I’d been holding on to – I decided posted them in honor of Oscar’s win on Saturday night. He didn’t get a knock out, but he did win at least. I would love to see Oscar and Vargas duke in out in Los Angeles – that would be a kick ass fight. I’m not the biggest De La Hoya fan in the world, but he’s been in some good fights and I’d still pay to see him fight another good boxer. I’m also excited that Hasim Rahman got his ass kicked in court last week. I was excited when he beat Lewis – because I do tend to root for underdogs – but then Rahman disgusted me by ripping off his old trainer and by trying to screw over Lewis on the rematch deal. I’m glad that it’s Rahman himself who’s going to get screwed over in the end. You reap what you sow, or so they say. And so it goes.

Added a new gallery.

Sunday, June 24th, 2001

Well, I finally added a new picture gallery. It’s been over a month since I added the last one. I stopped updating while I was working on the new script to run the site and it took a lot longer than it should have. The new gallery is 40 pictures of this amateur girl Lola. She is wow-pretty and has a certain Asian-ness about her. As most of you have probably guessed, I do think Asian girls are beautiful, and then some. Because I’ve lagged so long in updating, I’ll be adding several new galleries this week, so keep checking back! Also, because this script is new, please let me know if you find any bad links or other problems. Thanks!

The new version of Planet Manu.

Sunday, June 24th, 2001

Well, this is me getting ready to launch the new versions of the site. I’m still not totally happy with the design, but it will probably always be a work in progress. The script that I’m using is pretty kick ass. Most of you will probably want to just skip my random mumblings and go straight to the free pictures. For now, I have a preview of the newest pictures that I’ve added along the right hand side of the screen. I might eventually move that around, but it isn’t going away. I do tend to enjoy pictures of naked beautiful women. Shame on me! Ok. I’m mostly just testing this out, in case you haven’t guessed that yet. Let’s see what happens when I post this message. Stand back, everyone!