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Vanessa Carlton video.

Friday, January 18th, 2002

I was watching MTV a couple of days ago and I saw a Brand Spanking New (their words) video from some girl named Vanessa Carlton. Her voice sounded really drab, but she was pretty darn cute. I think they are going to push her as a not-as-ethnic version of the super-successful Alicia Keys. She plays the piano and the lyrics to the single are almost as bad as the words to a Jewel song, which leads me to believe she must write some of her own songs. Danger!

I can’t tell how old she is, but she looks pretty young. I took a brief look at her trying-to-be-hip website and it says that she was going to be a ballet dancer. I’m not sure if I’ve bored you with this before, but I love ballet dancers. If I could find some pictures of a beautiful Asian ballet dancer, I would just look at them all day and never update the site.

Vanessa has a tiny bit of Asian look in the video, so maybe that’s part of why I watched the whole thing. The video itself is sad. The concept could have been funny if, say, The Rentals or maybe even Weezer had done it. She drives, or flies, around town on her Piano. It looks much like an Alanis Morissette video and the clip has no sense of humor. Not that any Alanis video ever had a sense of humor, so I guess that’s repetetive. So is this. So is this.

Have a great weekend.

Tabatha Cash Update!

Friday, January 11th, 2002

Hi everyone. Last night I got an email from a knowledgeable visitor from France. He let me know that the girl in the December 23rd gallery, that I called “Japanese Babe” is actually a French adult actress named Tabatha Cash. Her father is Japanese, and her mother is Italian, but she is 100% French Babe! That tells you how bright I’m not.

No matter where Tabatha is from, the interesting news is that this amazingly pretty girl actually did hardcore porn videos for a while (before she retired). I’m not a huge hardcore fan, but this woman might temporarily change my mind. The term that all the articles use to describe her muti-ethnic beauty is “exotic”, and I think that pretty well sums it up. That and “babe”.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks to the kind gent in France who set us straight on the issue!

Jessica Simpson Stuff.

Friday, January 4th, 2002

I know that my site is turning into the all teen pop queen celeb porn depot, but I can’t help it. I’m a celeb voyeur. I was looking around the web for the Christina porn tape (which I still haven’t found) and I found some pictures of Jessica Simpson from the new issue of Maxim Magazine. The girl is hot. I know she claims to be a virgin and religious fanatic and all that, but I’m not buying it. No way.

Jessica’s is sort of the third rate Britney (Christina being the second rate, and Mandy being the fourth rate – with Shakira and all of the others not even making the scale) and I think there is a better chance that she’ll eventually do some nude pics than one of the other girls. She has that “I would do anything to be as famous as Britney” thing going right now. She seems to have morphed into a Britney clone (makeup, hair, etc.) in the last couple of years.

I know I said I’d post another gallery soon, and I am working on it. I just need to find the time to thumbnail some pictures and it’ll be done. Maybe later tonight if I get a moment. Rock on.

Christina Aguilera Sex tape rumor!

Thursday, January 3rd, 2002


If this story is to be believed, then one of my dreams just might come true. The article says that teen pop babe Christina Aguilera has been caught on a hardcore sex video by an ex boyfriend. I saw one fake clip already and it certainly wasn’t her, but this story is from US Weekly, which is a pretty big magazine. If you happen to find a link to the real tape (no fakes), please email me a link. Now if we can only get Britney, Jessica, and Mandy to follow suit, all my dreams will have come true. If we could get them all in the same secret sex tape (that Moulin Rouge video was a good start)…well, maybe that’s too much to ask.

Keep your eyes open for this tape!

Stereophonics Rock.

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2002

A band I’m listening to a lot right now is Stereophonics. I can’t stop myself. I tried to get into them a few years ago on the advice of a female friend, but the time just wasn’t right or something. She told me how they were huge in England (aren’t they all) and how they were going to be gigantic in the U.S., etc. The record came and went and no one here in the states really cared. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

The fact that the song Mr. Writer never really took off, even though it had one of the most kick ass videos (and some fucked up lyrics too) I’ve seen in a long time makes you wonder if they’ll ever break here. Have A Nice Day is the current U.S. single and it’s also pretty great. I’m not sure what my point is, but check out this record or search for them on some Napster clone if you haven’t already. If you’re in the U.K. then you’re probably all annoyed that I’m hyping a band that you got over two years ago and you hate them by now for some reason or another – sorry.

Now for something you might actually care about – I’m going to post some new nudie pics tonight or tomorrow. Isn’t that all that really matters anyway?