Tabatha Cash Update!

Hi everyone. Last night I got an email from a knowledgeable visitor from France. He let me know that the girl in the December 23rd gallery, that I called “Japanese Babe” is actually a French adult actress named Tabatha Cash. Her father is Japanese, and her mother is Italian, but she is 100% French Babe! That tells you how bright I’m not.

No matter where Tabatha is from, the interesting news is that this amazingly pretty girl actually did hardcore porn videos for a while (before she retired). I’m not a huge hardcore fan, but this woman might temporarily change my mind. The term that all the articles use to describe her muti-ethnic beauty is “exotic”, and I think that pretty well sums it up. That and “babe”.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks to the kind gent in France who set us straight on the issue!

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