Vanessa Carlton video.

I was watching MTV a couple of days ago and I saw a Brand Spanking New (their words) video from some girl named Vanessa Carlton. Her voice sounded really drab, but she was pretty darn cute. I think they are going to push her as a not-as-ethnic version of the super-successful Alicia Keys. She plays the piano and the lyrics to the single are almost as bad as the words to a Jewel song, which leads me to believe she must write some of her own songs. Danger!

I can’t tell how old she is, but she looks pretty young. I took a brief look at her trying-to-be-hip website and it says that she was going to be a ballet dancer. I’m not sure if I’ve bored you with this before, but I love ballet dancers. If I could find some pictures of a beautiful Asian ballet dancer, I would just look at them all day and never update the site.

Vanessa has a tiny bit of Asian look in the video, so maybe that’s part of why I watched the whole thing. The video itself is sad. The concept could have been funny if, say, The Rentals or maybe even Weezer had done it. She drives, or flies, around town on her Piano. It looks much like an Alanis Morissette video and the clip has no sense of humor. Not that any Alanis video ever had a sense of humor, so I guess that’s repetetive. So is this. So is this.

Have a great weekend.

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