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Avril Lavigne butt crack pictures

Sunday, December 29th, 2002

Another holiday update!

This time I’ve got some funny oops celeb pics for you. These are the infamous ass crack pictures of Avril Lavigne from the Much Music Awards Show in 2002. She was performing her hit single Complicated when her pants started to fall down. These are a few captures from the video of the show:

Click on any Avril thumbnail to see her bigger.

Apparently Avril has had these panty-less butt crack moments on other occasions as well. In fact, she’s becoming a bit of an exhibitionist it seems. Just in case you were wondering, Miss Lavigne is over 18 years old now. Enjoy!

Holiday Bonus Update – J.Lo’s Boobs

Saturday, December 28th, 2002

Just a quick bonus update for the holidays. Check out these pictures of J.Lo wearing a see through top during the filming of the Jenny From The Block video. The pictures show pretty clearly her nipples and breasts:

Jennifer Lopez See Through Top 1
Jennifer Lopez See Through Top 2
Jennifer Lopez See Through Top 3
Jennifer Lopez See Through Top 4
Jennifer Lopez See Through Top 5
Jennifer Lopez See Through Top 6
Jennifer Lopez See Through Top 7
Jennifer Lopez See Through Top 8
Jennifer Lopez See Through Top 9
Jennifer Lopez See Through Top 10
Jennifer Lopez See Through Top 11
Jennifer Lopez See Through Top 12
Jennifer Lopez See Through Top 13

These J.Lo pictures are courtesy of and hosted by, hope you enjoy them!

Mariah Carey Upskirt and Magazine Pics

Saturday, December 28th, 2002

Happy Holidays everyone!

Today’s update revolves around Mariah Carey. There are a couple of interesting news stories on her this week. The first one involves a supposed pantiless upskirt during the taping of a television show. According to The Sun and the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Mariah wasn’t wearing any underwear during the taping of the Today Show a couple weeks ago. Apparently, what she was wearing was a very short skirt and without her panties, she couldn’t help but flash the audience with naughty upskirts.

One of the articles above contains a still picture from the video, but you really can’t see anything. I’ve only seen a rough movie of it and, again, you really can’t see much. Once I find a higher quality clip or video capture, I’ll post it here.

The other Mariah news is that she has a bunch of pictures in the latest issue of Blender magazine (an imprint of Maxim magazine) Here is the cover:

Here are direct links to scans of the Blender pics:

Mariah Page 1
Mariah Page 2
Mariah Page 3
Mariah Page 4
Mariah Page 5
Mariah Page 6
Mariah Page 7
Mariah Page 8
Mariah Page 9

All pics are hosted at and courtesy of Mariah Daily – the site does use popups, you’ve been warned.

If you are looking for the official Blender Magazine website, it’s here.

That’s all for now. I’ll update again as soon as I can find a copy of that upskirt video that everyone’s talking about. Bye!

Brazilian Soccer Team Girls

Wednesday, December 4th, 2002

Some of you may have already seen this, but take a look at these pictures of some hot Brazilian soccer player babes.

I do enjoy the beauty of women from Brazil. Hope you do to.