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A new celeb girl to watch, Keira Knightley

Monday, June 30th, 2003

I’m probably the last one to find out about this actress, but wow, she looks hot. Her name is “Keira Knightley” and I guess she’s British and been in a few movies that I’ve heard of (Bend It Like Beckham – never saw it, though.) This is the first time I’ve really bothered to notice. This is the picture of Ms. Knightley from Yahoo News that caught my eye:

Those of you that visit this site regularly know what I think of cute girls in low pants, and her pants are about as low as you can go.

I found this picture gallery with a lot more shots from the same event. Check out those pants!

Not sure too much about this girl, but if I find out anything scandalous, you know I’ll post it here.

Update: Here is a video clip from the movie The Hole where Keira flashes her breasts. You have to click the link that says “DESCARGAR VIDEO” to download the video clip. It’s in a zip file.

Fight video from an all girls’ school

Thursday, June 19th, 2003

This is not erotica, this is a real all girls’ school fight caught on video. It’s a little scary, but some people are fascinated by girlfights, so I thought I’d post the link.

Lil Kim falls out of her top

Friday, June 6th, 2003

I case some of you haven’t seen these yet, I thought I’d post a link. At a show a few nights ago, Lil Kim’s top came unglued from her body and her breasts escaped. Here are a couple of the pictures:

If you click on the thumbs, you can see the full sized images at the Sun’s website. Here is a link to their article as well.

I have a real update I’m working on, with some great new pics. Sorry about taking so long!