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Britney Pregnant Or Just Eating Herself Voluptuous?

Wednesday, March 30th, 2005

In the past, Britney Spears has been accused of getting fake boobs to boost her popularity – but not this time. In the latest series of Britney big boob pics, the rest of her body seems to be expanding along with her breasts. This has put the tabloids on Red Alert. Some swear she’s pregnant, others claim she’s just eating more of her mom’s home cooking.

Regardless of the reason, the fact is that her breasts are bigger now than anyone has seen them before. Here’s the proof:

Britney Boobs

It is the job of this reporter to link you to large pictures of Britney’s large boobs, so here is a link to all of the new Britney pics I’ve seen.

More updates on this story as they become available.

Kung Fu Army Lead Ex-Soviet State Revolution

Tuesday, March 29th, 2005

This article reads like the script of a kickass martial arts movie from the 70′s:

Many say people power brought down the regime in Kyrgyzstan last week. But Bayaman Erkinbayev, a lawmaker, martial arts champ and one of the Central Asian nation’s richest men, says it was his small army of Kung Fu-style fighters.

A hero in his hometown Osh, he is generally considered to have financed the protests and sent his martial arts trainees to the front lines of the demonstrations, including in the capital Bishkek.

“When our old men were beaten and thrown out of the regional administration building, my fighters were on the front line. And during the siege in Bishkek, my fighters went in first,” Erkinbayev told AFP in his gymnasium in Osh.

This guy isn’t Mr. Clean, though. Check out this info from later in the article:

Erkinbayev is no stranger to election scandals.

In the parliamentary elections of 2000 he is said to have spent two weeks on the run from the police after allegedly beating a judge who ordered him to drop out of the race for failing to disclose some of his wife’s property in his registration form.

The ruling was later overturned under unclear circumstances and Erkinbayev described it as an “untruth.”

“When I met the judge later he retracted his accusations,” he said.

If some indie studio doesn’t make a movie about this guy and his Kung Fu army, they are missing out. I’ll buy the DVD! :)

Inventor Of Video Rentals Dies

Wednesday, March 9th, 2005

Just a quick link to an interesting story from the New York Times:

George Atkinson, who helped popularize home viewing of Hollywood films by opening the first video rental store in 1979, died on Thursday at his home in Northridge, Calif. He was 69.

When Hollywood executives began making feature-length films available on video in the 1970′s, they charged $50 each and envisioned affluent consumers building large libraries, just as they did with records. Mr. Atkinson, a onetime stuntman and occasional actor, saw things differently.

To start his rental business, Mr. Atkinson bought 50 movies that had recently been made available on video, including “The French Connection,” “The Sound of Music” and “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” He then advertised their availability for rental in a one-inch ad in The Los Angeles Times.

Customers arrived in droves and willingly paid the $10-a-day rental fee. (Only the wealthy could afford the $1,000 that VCR’s cost then.)

Renting videos and DVDs is not something I ever thought about someone having to “invent”, but apparently this guy did it. He may be dead, but his legacy will live on.

Belgium Pop Singer Alana Dante Sex Tape

Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

Another supposed celebrity sex tape has been found, depending on your definition of “celebrity”.

This one claims to star the female Belgium singer Alana Dante. There is a biography of her on the website and the pictures on the website look just about exactly like the girl in the tape. Here are couple of pictures of her from album covers:

Alana Pics Alana Pics

And a thumbnail of a pictures from some concert (the full size image is available at the Belgium dance website linked above):

Alana Pics

The link to the full length video is courtesy of the Drunken Stepfather site, who apparently was the first to post the video online. Once you click on the download link and go to the Rapid Share website, you just need to click the “Free” button at the bottom of the page and wait about a minute for the download to start. They try to get you to sign up for something, but you can ignore it and just get the file.

The content of the video is a blow job scene followed by some doggy style sex on a bed. No audio, but the video is pretty decent quality. The clip is around 4 minutes long in windows media player format.

If you’re looking for more sex tapes from European pop stars you’ve never heard of before, don’t forget to seek out the previously released Severina Vuckovic sex tape – she may be unknown to most of the world, but her celeb sex tape is one of the hottest I’ve seen so far.

Britney To Pose For Topless Photos, Again?

Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

The tabloids are reporting that America’s favorite desperate housewife, Britney Spears, is going to pose topless for Allure magazine in an upcoming issue.

But don’t get too excited yet. The last time Britney claimed she was going to pose topless, back in 2003, it was all a publicity stunt. She might have actually been topless, but you wouldn’t know it because she put things like hair and hands (both hers, I’m guessing) in front of her breasts. Here is one of the old pics:

Britney Topless

There is still hope, though. Britney’s career was in a little better place in 2003 than it is today. It’s pretty apparent that, all of her talk about taking some time off from celebrity aside, the girl needs attention. Maybe this time she’ll do something crazy to try to get back into the spotlight. We’ll have to wait and see what the Allure pics look like. But, if she tricks us again, this will be strike two.

Ebay Auction For Michael Jackson’s Wedding Ring

Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

If you are getting married anytime soon, you might want to consider buying this ring for your wife-to-be. There is nothing that says love like buying a ring on Ebay from some woman who used to be married to Michael Jackson and who is now supposedly testifying against him in a court case where he is accused of abusing kids. What could possibly impress a woman more than that?

The auction appears to be off to a rocky start, with lots of fake bidders and people who just want to kiss ass to some woman who was once married to a celebrity. If you have time to waste, check out the link to the auction “questions” page. Most of the questions read something like this, “Debbie, I just want to say, you are my idol! You were great for standing by that angel Michael!” Or this, “Debbie, you are my idol! You are great for standing up to that pig Michael!”

It’s like the Jerry Springer show live on Ebay. Check it out.

Another Planet Manu Redesign

Sunday, March 6th, 2005

It’s been a few years since I redesigned this site, so I figured it was time again. If you are seeing this post on the new Planet Manu design, that means it might be ready. If you are seeing it on the old design, then check back soon for the new look. Feel free to let me know if you love it, hate it, or don’t care at all. Actually, if you don’t care at all, why would you let me know, right?

Hopefully I didn’t break anything during the upgrade. :)

No Flirting Online Without A Proper Disclaimer?

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005

Over at CNET, and also the topic of conversation at SlashDot, is the unbelievable attempt by dating site to force websites to post scary disclaimers on member profiles. According to the articles, the company is pushing ridiculous laws in several states, possibly to try to hurt their competition. The laws would make it a crime to show a user profile on some websites without a disclaimer that says:


Not only would sites have to post that on every profile, but they would also have to put it in every email, and it would have to be in “12 point type” – whatever that means in email.

It would be bad enough if this company was just trying to use politicians to attack their competition, but they are also going after other websites as well according to CNET:

First, it would regulate far more than just dating sites. The California bill introduced last week covers any Web site offering “compatibility” or “social referral services”–a sweeping definition that encompasses everything from high-school reunion site to a matchmaking site for a tennis doubles tournament.

That means that even sites like Literotica and possibly other small forums and communities may be forced to put these ridiculous useless warnings on every page or face huge fines.

Here is a link to the text of the proposed California bill with a list of the politicians who wrote it.

Many at SlashDot and other sites have said that is really just trying to manipulate the legal system to harm their competitors because they may be having trouble competing on a level playing field. People have said that instead of trying to succeed by having the best dating site, the company is trying to harm their competition with intrusive legislation. Some people have already began to suggest a boycott of because of these underhanded tactics. The thinking of some people posting on various sites seem to go like this, “if they would try to force oppressive sneaky legislation on to the entire population of several states – what else might they be up to that people don’t know about?”

Personally, I would not encourage people to use a site that is trying to manipulate the legal system to hurt the freedom of other websites to publish as they see fit. They can run their own site how they want, but leave the rest of the web alone.

Penthouse Giving In To Pro-Censorship Forces?

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005

There is an interesting free speech related post over on the Literotica forums today. It starts like this:

Recently I picked up a copy of Penthouse magazine and was completely appalled!!! The magazine was completely void of all the boundary-pushing photography that I had come to enjoy over the last ten years or so.

The poster explains that he decided to write to Penthouse to find out why they were devoid of their usual boundry pushing content. The user says that Penthouse’s reply started with:

“In the current political climate …”

The poster then talks about how much danger free speech rights in American are in when even companies like Penthouse are running scared.

Censors can only win if people let them win. Lately, it seems like the American people, Penthouse publishers included, don’t care much about their free speech rights. Many would apparently prefer to have the government tell them what is ok for them to read, hear, and watch.

Never forget that there are plenty of assholes in the government willing to take your freedom, as long as you are willing to give it away without a fight.

Extremist U.S. Senators Push For Cable/Satellite Censorship

Tuesday, March 1st, 2005

Once again proving that many politicians in the current U.S. government enjoy using the United States Constitution as toilet paper, two extremist anti-American Senators have started pushing for legislation that would outlaw free speech in the U.S. media completely.

Two top U.S. Republican lawmakers on Tuesday said they want to apply broadcast decency standards to cable television and satellite television and radio to protect children from explicit content.

The legislation these anti-freedom clowns are pushing, according to Reuters, would make it illegal to say anything on cable TV, satellite TV and radio, and even pay per view, that you can’t say on broadcast television. That would mean that almost all programming on HBO and other cable programs, as well as Howard Stern’s show on satellite radio, would be illegal in the United States.

No broadcaster would be allowed to broadcast anything that might offend anyone ever if the extremists have their way. That is nothing less than the death of free speech for the media. Imagine a country where all books, TV, radio, art, and the internet have to be completely free of any material that would offend anyone. That is the country that these extremists in the government and private sector are pushing for.

The best line in the article is this one, a quote from anti-freedom Senator Ted Stevens :

“There has to be some standard of decency,…no one wants censorship.”

We must censor everything you see, hear, and read, but no one wants censorship. I guess what he means is that no one wants it, but he is going to do it anyway, for your own good. You may want freedom, but it just isn’t good for you. The government needs to protect you from free speech because it’s too dangerous.

I am saddened by the number of “Censorship” updates I’ve made in the last few days. What is going wrong with America lately? When did the extremists take over the government and when will the people stand up and take the country back?