Ebay Auction For Michael Jackson’s Wedding Ring

If you are getting married anytime soon, you might want to consider buying this ring for your wife-to-be. There is nothing that says love like buying a ring on Ebay from some woman who used to be married to Michael Jackson and who is now supposedly testifying against him in a court case where he is accused of abusing kids. What could possibly impress a woman more than that?

The auction appears to be off to a rocky start, with lots of fake bidders and people who just want to kiss ass to some woman who was once married to a celebrity. If you have time to waste, check out the link to the auction “questions” page. Most of the questions read something like this, “Debbie, I just want to say, you are my idol! You were great for standing by that angel Michael!” Or this, “Debbie, you are my idol! You are great for standing up to that pig Michael!”

It’s like the Jerry Springer show live on Ebay. Check it out.

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