Texas Store Clerk Acquitted In Sex Toys Case

Another story from a land that time forgot:

A store clerk accused of illegally selling adult toys was found not guilty Wednesday.

Jose Escalante was arrested during a raid at the Adult Video Megaplex Houston on June 9. Houston police charged him with obscenity, alleging he was in possession of adult toys with the intent to promote and sell them. Prosecutors argued that it is illegal to sell an item designed to be used for a sexual act.

The clerk had to go through personal hell, spend a lot of money, and see his name dragged through the mud publicly. Why? Because he sold sex toys to consenting adults. Now that they’ve lost this case, the government employees who are behind this attack on the Constitution will probably try again on some other innocent person.

Why is it illegal to “sell an item designed to be used for a sexual act” to adults, but not illegal for government employees to abuse their power to attack the free speech and privacy rights of consenting adults? If there is anyone in this case who deserves to be charged with a crime, it isn’t the store clerk.

Great work by the jury – often the last line of defense against those who would take away our rights.

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