Funny Quote From An Anti-Free Speech Politician

This is a recent quote from a politician who has supported anti-free speech legislation in the past:

“You cannot litigate personal choices and lifestyles.”

Sounds like he has come around and is now against trying legislate morality, right? Great news for supporters of free speech, right? Wrong!

He is only in support of people making their own “personal choices” and living their own “lifestyles” free of government interference if it makes more money for corporations who might donate to his campaign. When it comes to free speech issues, he seems to believe the exact opposite – you should legislate personal choices and lifestyles – even when it goes against constitution.

Was it the wise American philosopher Cindy Lauper that said “money changes everything”?

One Response to “Funny Quote From An Anti-Free Speech Politician”

  1. Andrew says:

    I am begining to think that it is a bad idea for Australia, and Australians, to have such an obsession with America. It does not bode well for us. If they try and legislate against free speech in America how long before other countries follow suit.

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