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Buzzman - Click here for Buzzman's reviews of other whacked sites.
Voyeurweb - The best voyeur site on the internet, bar none.
Stile - This is another site with some guy who likes neckid girls.
Hosbus - Links for people into the strange and deranged.
Undernet Sex - Adult pics, links, and other fun stuff.
Cam List - Links to adult cam sites all over the web.
Crooked Halos - A quality TGP run by an old pal.
TGP List - A list of some of the biggest free TGP's.
Literotica - This is the site from which I am spawned - great people, writing, etc.
Adult Adventurers - This nifty site is run by some friends who we met through Lit.
Rate Me - Pictures of people who want you to rate them.
Indie Nudes - Links to cool art and erotic sites in text format.
Natali Demore - Foot fetish model, kinky stuff, and posed for Planet Manu!
Haley Land - Cute girl, 5'9", brown hair, great body, and she even knows html!
Meet Bella - Bella is a blonde raver babe who is hot hot hot.
Goth In Asia - Cool pics of cute goth girls and crazy guys around Asia.
Asia Argento - Beautiful daughter of Italian horror king Dario Argento.
Chyoo - Choose your own erotic adventure text story site for adults.
E.F.F. - Electronic Freedom Foundation - protecting your rights online.
Watcher Web - Some voyeur picture galleries update regularly.
Nirvana - One of the best Nirvana websites. Dark backgrounds suck.
3D Thesaurus - A fantastic tool that can help you explore related ideas.
Rame - Comprehesive and interesting directory of dead porn stars.
Keith Haring -The official website of the late great New York pop artist.
T-Shirt Hell - And online t-shirt store that sells totally offensive shirts.
Vonnegut Web - The best Kurt Vonnegut fan site on the web.
Mail2Web - Check your POP mail via the web when you're on the road.
Britney - Just admit it, she's cute. Lot's of pictures with regular updates.
Robert Schimmel - The funniest comedian currently working.
Hooter's Girls - some photographer took a bunch of pics of hooters girls.

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