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John Stagliano Indicted for Obscenity, Launches Website

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

From AVN News:

John Stagliano (aka Buttman) has launched a new Website at in response to federal obscenity charges filed against him and his company Evil Angel. The site includes news updates, links to media coverage of the case and a ‘Contact Your Congressman’ page.

The full AVN story is here.

The latest updates on the charges against him can be found in this AVN story.

In 2008 the government is still wasting time and tax payer money trying to stop adults from viewing videos of other consenting adults. How sad.

Court Rules in Favor of Internet Trolls

Saturday, February 9th, 2008

For those of you who are fans of internet message boards — like the Literotica Forums — this article may be of interest:

Anonymous trolls on the Internet are allowed to remain anonymous, a judge in a California appeals court ruled yesterday. Not only that, but they’re allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights and speak their minds, no matter how scathing their comments may be.

10 anonymous individuals posted on Yahoo’s message boards in 2005 about Lisa Krinsky, her company (SFBC), and two other officers at her company. These posters regularly made what the judge described as “scathing verbal attacks” against these officers. This included referring to the trio as “a management consisting of boobs, losers and crooks,” and with one poster (Doe 6) describing Krinsky when he said “I will reciprocate felatoin [sic] with Lisa even though she has fat thighs, a fake medical degree, ‘queefs’ and has poor feminine hygiene.”

According to the full article, the court ruled that the trolls were insulting the woman and her company, but they were not, under the law, making statements of “actual fact”. Therefore, they could not be found to have committed libel under the law.

I guess that’s like when people post comments like “eat a dick, tranny!” or “get a life, loser!” Should people be made to pay damages for libel for making silly insults online? Is that the same as saying that Tom Cruise is gay in a tabloid? I’m not sure what the right answer is in all cases, but I’d say it’s probably better to err on the side of free speech. That opinion is coming from someone who has been called many horrible things online by many people – and a few of them weren’t even true! :)