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The Rise of the MILF Fantasy

Friday, December 28th, 2007

The Village Voice has an interesting article from a few weeks ago called “The Rise of MILFs and Mommies in Sexual-Fantasy Material”. In the article, the author charts the rise of the MILF (Mother’s I’d Like to Fuck) phenomenon from it’s explosion in popular culture after the American Pie movies, right up until the present, where MILF porn has become a big industry:

On the Adult Video News bestselling DVD chart for October 2007, there are 13 MILF movies, including It’s a Mommy Thing; Wife, Mother, Whore; and I Scored a Soccer Mom 2. They make up less than 15 percent of the titles listed, but in such a crowded field, that is significant. In fact, now devotes an entire monthly sales chart just to MILF titles.

But, the author goes beyond the MILF porn movies, MILF sex stories, and other obviously popular stuff and asks the question – “Does the rise of the MILF mean that people are ready to accept Mommy as an equal sexual fantasy to Daddy?”

In s&m, queer culture, and fantasy role-play, “Daddy” is one of the most popular archetypes around. Search queer or kinky personals for the word daddy, and you’ll have plenty of potential dates to choose from. There’s a level of comfort and familiarity with daddy play, which is not so much about eroticizing incest as it is creating a specific kind of dominant/submissive dynamic, where “masters” are drill sergeants and “daddies” are loving mentors. There are way more self-identified daddies—both male and female—than mommies in those communities. Why?

I’m not sure that I agree with all of the conclusion – or at least speculation – that the author presents, but it’s certainly interesting to ponder. When Literotica started, many years ago now, the MILF meme did not exist. There were already age-gap stories, and Aunt Peg, and teacher/student stories, etc. But when the word “MILF” hit, it set off a new wave of interest in women who were still super sexy, but no longer “Barely Legal”. On Literotica today, there are more than 1500 stories with the exact word “MILF” as a Story Tag, and far more than that which are related in some way to the MILF fantasy.

You can read the full article at the Village Voice Website. Enjoy!