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Zoey Zane – Missing Student Had Had Secret Porn Career

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

One of the top stories on many of the big news websites right now is about a college student named Emily Sander who, like some other adult website models, kept her porn career hidden from most of her friends and family. The 18 year old Sanders was allegedly also known as Zoey Zane, an amateur teen porn model with a website featuring nude pictures and videos. Unfortunately, her secret has been exposed because Emily Sander has gone missing under some very suspicious circumstances:

Emily Sander (aka Zoey Zane) was last seen leaving a bar in El Dorado, about 30 miles from Wichita, with a man identified as Israel Mireles. Sander and Mireles had met that night at the bar. His motel room was found to appear in great disarray, and a large quantity of blood was found in the room.

There is a nationwide manhunt going on for 24 year old Israel Mireles and his 16 year old girlfriend Victoria Martens. If you think you might have any information useful to police, you can contact the National Center for Missing Children.

Emily Sander
Photo: Emily Sander, Israel Mireles, and Victoria Martens.

Emily Sander’s disappearance itself doesn’t, so far, seem like it’s related to her porn career, but the media will take any opportunity they can get to link porn to bad news, so that’s the sensational headline of many of the stories about her right now.

The story does bring up one point that seems lost on some adult internet models (and other people) until it’s too late. If you post naked pictures or nude videos of yourself online, eventually someone (or more likely everyone) you know is going to find out. In this case, the secret was exposed by a horrible turn of events, but even if nothing had happened to Sander, it’s likely that one of her jealous friends, ex-boyfriends, personal enemies, or any number of other people would have eventually found the pictures and started telling others about them. It’s almost impossible to hide that sort of thing from everyone around you. (Look at all of the celebrity sex videos out there to see how hard it is to keep sex a secret!) In fact, if you read some of the news stories on this case, it seems that Sander recently told her boyfriend about her adult modeling career and he broke up with her as a result.

In case you are curious, below are some links to pictures of Zoey Zane from her adult modeling website. Be warned that the pictures do contain nudity (of course) and I have no relationship with the websites listed, so visit at your own risk.

Zoey Zane at Your Daily Girls 1
Zoey Zane at Your Daily Girls 2
Zoey Zane at Your Daily Girls 3
Zoey Zane at Your Daily Girls 4
Zoey Zane at Your Daily Girls 5
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Zoey Zane at Your Daily Girls
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Zoey Zane at Sugarpimps
Zoey Zane at BodsForTheMods

I may post more updates on this story later if anything interesting shows up in the news. Hopefully, it will have a happy ending, but it doesn’t sound very likely at this point.

Update: I was reading a few blogs about this case and there are a couple of other things I wanted to mention.

1. Emily Sander’s body has been found. There will be no happy ending to this story. :(

2. According to adult industry press, this girl was not a pornstar, just a nude model. That means she didn’t have sex with people on camera, she just posed for solo nude pictures and maybe the occasional girl-girl pictures for her website. Maybe it’s still porn to some people, but there seems to be a line drawn by many girls at hardcore and this girl chose not to cross that line. Perhaps none of that matters much anymore, but I wanted to make it clear as it seems important to some of the people who knew her.